All new! TVLightbox® is the DVD lightshow that turns any room into an instant party. This specially created DVD illuminates the room with a unique, dynamic interplay between light, design and your own music!

TVLightbox® creates a cool, sexy, fun party vibe with hundreds of hip and chic moving images. A must have for homes, bars and clubs.

Click images for Quicktime samples.

Just add music! The constantly pulsing, morphing and changing graphics are designed to be in tune with the beat of any type of music you play. TVLightbox® works on ALL TVs and ALL DVD players.

TVLightbox® features over an hour and a half of innovative, bright, specially designed motion graphics. It's constantly evolving and changing every four beats and helps keep your party fresh, illuminated and lively. You can "loop" the DVD to keep the party going all night long!

The TV Lightbox® DVD is Available Now!

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