Create Atmosphere! The colorcalm™ "skies" DVD, as seen on JetBlue airways, is the world's first DVD designed to soothe your senses.

Select from 4 soundtrack choices including ambient, classical, natural or silence and 6 powerful color options including 36 unique Pantone shades amongst the ever-changing skyscapes.

Pantone is the global color authority, naming and grading thousands of colors.

Pantone's color psychologists evaluate the effects of certain colors on our minds and bodies. Use your TV to find relaxation, inspiration and calm.

The colorcalm™ "skies" DVD works on all TVs and includes a 20-page booklet about the power of color. You will discover each color's history and learn what your favorite color says about you.
Starting with primal hot red, the spectrum runs through the warm and energetic colors of yellows and oranges toward the cooler, more calming colors of blues, greens and purples. From fire to water, from passion to relaxation, each color has its own temperature, emotional effect and energy.

The colorcalm™ "skies" DVD is Available Now!

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